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READ THE HANDBOOK AND CONTRIBUTE! is just born and it needs your help!


The aim is to realize a global container of know-how, from theory to practice, including as many fields as possible about self production and reuse.

All the designers, the craftsmen, up to DIY lovers, are called on this project to share their experience and so helping their know-how to spread all over the world.

Do you know how to reuse old dresses? Are you an alternative building practices expert? Are you able to organize a vegetable garden in your balcony? Do you know any woodworking tecnique?

If the answer is yes, read the HANDBOOK, sign in and share your know-how!

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The pages in this wiki are direct translations made by normal people, so they may contain grammar and/or spelling error.

If you know English at an appropriate level, you're free to correct them! Billions of english-speaking people all around the world will really appreciate your effort!

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